Establishing Creative Partnerships

31 Aug


Christian Sanford

Establishing Creative Partnerships

Just ask for help.


We all need help. Though, as entrepreneurs most of us are born with a Stubborn gene or a natural disposition to at least attempt to do everything completely on our own with help from no one. 

It is not until one is seasoned in failure to understand that in order to succeed, you need help. We all do. 

Nobody is saying you must swallow your pride and get on your knees to beg for someone to donate help, just that you have to ask. Squeaky wheel gets the oil. There are many ways to receive help, either by hire or by trading professional services or products. We'll speak about the latter.

Trading products or services in exchange for other products or services is a great way to get the help you need on a grassroots budget. This is also a great step in creating a symbiotic relationship in which both parties thrive on the success of the other. 

Take for example, a new ad firm seeking accounting services can offer monthly advertisements at a discount for an up and coming accountant with a little ad budget. Simple.

The key is to strongly understand what you lack in terms of single jobs, for example: Social media expertise, customer outreach, legal services, etc. It is also important to understand what it would normally cost to have these services rendered so you can make an accurate offer when you exchange services.

It goes without say you must understand the value of your own service, however it must be on record.


Terms will always vary depending on the relationship, but there should be a balance of give and take on both sides. At the end of every period (monthly, weekly, etc.) partnerships should always settle up or even the balance sheet and make sure nothing is owed on either side. Even though there may be no monetary exchange, things must be kept track of for total comfort on both sides. Humans have a bad habit of looking at each others' pockets.

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