Getting the Right Equipment on a Budget

20 Sep


Christian Sanford

Getting the Right Equipment on a Budget

“An investment in self-development pays the highest dividends.” 

― Debasish Mridha

Need vs. Want

Imagine the endpoint of your success. What's brought you there?

Believe it or not, your future success may have nothing to do with those $180 Nikes you've just purchased and set some bills aside to do so. If you bought them on credit, congratulations, you've now f*cked up twice in one serving. In fact, that impulsive purchase just set up back much more than MSRP + Interest.

No Dead Items!

Now, imagine spending that same cash on some cheap equipment; a camera to kickstart your photography career, or a cheap laptop to begin your digital ventures. You make your money back within the first few commercial uses and now you literally have a money printer. Think about it. An amateur photographer with no portfolio can easily charge $60 for a 3 hour shoot. In 3 sessions, you've made back the original investment (set aside time) and still have a camera to continue doing shoots with. Plus, you have at least three shoots to add to your portfolio. Which means you can now charge a higher rate. Buying one pair of shoes can stop you from achieving this reality.

Everything you purchase has a value after you've purchased it, make no mistake $0 is a value and that's mostly the case when it comes to our purchases as Americans. However, things like computers and various reusable equipments can have a potential post-purchase value that's beyond our comprehension (millions & millions & millions). Just look at Amazon. Be sure that you can work out at least a few thousand!

Getting the Equipment with No Money.

Ok, you've officially trained your mind on purchasing the equipment over the frivolous item. Now how to get the dough? Easy: Look around.

I'd say that if you're at home reading this, you can do a quick 360 turnaround look and find at least 5 items to sell second hand either to a friend or to list on eBay or even Craigslist. Still need more money? Cut some f*cking grass pal because nobody in this world is handing anything to you for free. Use your head, open your eyes, and you'll see.

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