Setting Up an Online Store Part 7- Maintaining Sales

24 Aug


Christian Sanford

Setting Up an Online Store Part 7- Maintaining Sales


It's harder to keep a castle than to build it.

Once you have sales coming in some keys you will focus on include:

  • Rate and value of return orders
  • New products that align with thriving trends
  • Customer service and support
  • Social proof

One thing that is vital to understand is why your repeat customers purchase again and again, and tap into that. What can you do can enhance and capitalize on that?

Along with customer experience attributing to maintaining sales, other key factors such as social presence and updated versions of your product should be focused on greatly.

The greater your social presence, the more social proof you have with customers talking about and sharing your product. Staying active socially and technologically in terms of product development is key. Ideally, you'd like to update your product constantly and always give customers something to talk about.

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