This program is made for only the best artists that lack the skills or resources necessary to properly promote or sale their art. 

Too often do we see or even personally know a great artist that is simply unable to show their art to the world due to lack of money, confidence, or general resources like basic marketing materials.

Everybody has a different story and therefore needs something different to succeed. That is why the exact details of any relationship we have with said artist, are completely dependent on arrangement agreed upon by artist and KNGMKRS.

Here are some common relationships we have with artists:

  • Monthly marketing materials (up to $250/ month in value, including business cards, flyers, etc.).
  • Free custom e-commerce website design by professional designer + 3 months of hosting ($1200 value)
  • Free merchandising design for up to 6 products + sourcing consultation ($750 value)

KNGMKRS is compensated in full for expenses of supplies and labor through a percentage of sales, solely. Artist is not obliged to pay back KNGMKRS for any expenses if there is no measurable sales or growth.

You can apply to join our program by filling out the form below. Please include as many details as possible including all social media account and prior work.

KNGMKRS is located in Orlando, Fl.

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