Basic Brand Update Package for Current Site

Website Design

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Your current website updated with fresh, custom graphics that match your brand and style. Side banner ads, updated logo, content images, and much more!

Package Includes:

  • Updated Logo & Favicons (light and dark versions provided)
  • 12 Banner Graphics (custom mix of vertical/ horizontal orientation)
  • 5 Slideshow Images
  • 12 Square Featured Images
  • Custom Background Images for Future Art

All art is subject to revision by the client. We don't stop until you're happy as a clam.


Even though every design project follows a specific guideline, every single project we work on is completely different. From colors and fonts to messages and causes, we've designed plenty of branding materials that have went on to serve many different purposes.

When we take on a design project, it is done with the upmost care and calculation. Every brand has a specific message and we love to tap into it as much as possible to communicate properly with potential customers.

During the design process, we thoroughly exchange thoughts on what the clients' needs and motives are behind the advertisement/ promotion. Communication is the most important aspect of any design project. This allows us to step inside their head and bring our clients' ideas to life.

In order for design order to be placed, the customer pays full amount upfront. If customer is dissatisfied with service, they can receive 100% of their money back after signing an NDA stating you cannot or will not use art designed by KNGMKRS.

During the design process, you will receive multiple mockups/ drafts for concept of design, then multiple revisions on the finished product.

Note: The specific number of drafts and revisions that are allowed are completely dependent on the design product or package purchased. See each individual product offering for specific details.

Once project is completed to the customer's liking, all designs will be delivered. Additional copies are free for the first 5 business days within delivery. After that, customer will be charged a $5 convenience fee for each file requested.